Monday 3 July 2023

VSETransport. Parcel collection in Latvia and Ireland in July-August 2023


VSETransport. Parcel collection in Latvia and Ireland in July-August 2023

VSETransport. Courier delivery from Latvia to Ireland, also delivery on the way July 16 in

Poland, July 17 in Germany and Holland, July 18 in Belgium and France.

Collection in Latvia July 13-15, delivery in Ireland July 20-22.

 Collection of parcels in Ireland 29-31 July.

 Delivery to Latvia 5-7 August. 

Dates of collection and delivery in the second half of August will be published later.

Any questions in WhadsApp chat are welcome.

Thank you. 

Car rental for 1.5 tons of cargo one way: Belgium, Holland, Germany, Poland, Lithuania, Latvia 1 200 €
We transport parcels, furniture, building materials, windows, doors, prams, diapers and other child care products, mattresses, playpens and tables for feeding, vehicles for people with disabilities (bicycles for the disabled, wheelchairs and wheelchairs, chairs - mechanical and electric wheelchairs, walkers and rollators, folding ramps, verticalizers for cerebral palsy, lifts for patients, simulators for the rehabilitation of patients, chairs with sanitary equipment, toilet chairs and toilet chairs for the disabled and the elderly, electric lifts and mobile stair lifts for the disabled and the elderly, electric scooters for the disabled, etc.), motorcycles, ATVs and tricycles, mopeds, bicycles, children's pedal and electric cars, buggies, microcars, riders, minitractors, cultivators,brush cutters, lawn mowers, garden tractors, motorized towing vehicles, chainsaws, transporters, garden sculptures, ponds and fountains, high pressure washers, pumps, electric generators and other loads weighing up to one and a half tons from threshold to threshold.
We travel along the route: Ireland - Cherbourg - Octeville - Caen - Le Havre - Rouen - Amiens - Liege - Bonn - Cologne - Dortmund - Kassel - Potsdam - Berlin - Poznan - Lodz - Warsaw - Bialystok - Kaunas - Panevezys - Siauliai - Latvia.
We can deviate from the route up to 50 km to pick up/deliver packages.

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